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Red wines


Aoc Côtes du Jura
This vintage is the fruit of a particular variety of trousseau called “Trousseau à la Dame”. Having the specificity of producing fewer clusters than the other varieties, but clearly superior in quality. Vinified exclusively in vats, this trousseau will accompany your red meats and other game.

Pinot Noir

Aoc Côtes du Jura
Macerated in tanks for ten days, then aged for 24 months  in barrels, this Pinot Noir with red fruit flavors ( blackcurrant, raspberry) will delight you with a piece of beef.


Aoc Côtes du Jura

This pure Poulsard although vinified in red and only in vats, remains a light red.
Its aromas of undergrowth and spices will enhance your delicatessen.

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