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Glossary et information


In viticulture, the winery is the place where the winemaking takes place.

Grower Champagne

Champagne or sparkling wine manufacturer

Reasoned culture

In an approach based on a choice of environmentally friendly techniques and included in Terra Vitis specifications, the winegrowers undertake to:

  • Reconcile respect for the environment and the economic sustainability of their business. Because there is no sustainable viticulture without viable farms.

    Innovate by changing their specifications annually based on advances in research.
  • Promote the development of biodiversity by maintaining a living wine ecosystem.
  • Ensure the transparency of their interventions and their practices: this is traceability.
  • Be checked by an independent certification

Reasoned viticulture is an approach that meets the criteria of sustainable development.


Grassing the vines consists of maintaining a natural or sown plant mat between each row of vines. This practice is an alternative to chemical weeding and tillage.


Rotalier is a commune located in the Jura department in the region of Franche-Comté in eastern France. It is known for the annual visit of the cellars of the various Jura wine producers.

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